Daily Archive: October 5, 2011

Super-sexy super-heroes: Wonder Woman

Previously, I had a good look at Power Girl’s assets: her bizarre balancing act of being both a strong female character, and a caracature of a woman as a sex object.  Now it’s time to look at a more established super-siren – probably the most famous superheroine, and certainly one of the longest running – …

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Keeping Women Invisible

Following from an earlier piece written on the occasion of Saudi women being given the right to vote, I made the natural assumption that it would take quite before we had an idea as to how the change would be implemented on a practical level. We haven’t had to wait long for an idea as …

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Writing discrimination into legislation: Alabama’s Anti-Immigrant Law

Several months ago, the state of Alabama passed a law designed to punish adult and minor illegal immigrants as well as American children who have been born to illegal immigrants. Within the last week, federal judge Sharon Lovelace Blackburn upheld most sections of the immigration law that has been challenged by the Obama administration and …

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