Daily Archive: October 9, 2011

Conservative Legislation Could Banish Birth-Control

It has been 38 years since the first legalised abortion was carried out in Mississippi. Since then, an estimated 95,000 couples have undergone a termination. Proposition 26 – the Personhood Amendment to our Mississippi Constitution – could be set to change all that. The Personhood initiative is due to appear on the ballot of November …

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No Christmas for Thomas the Tank Engine and his Friends

For decades, children have loved Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends. The steam locomotives have recently found themselves at the centre of the debate on political correctness and faith in society. With Christmas fast approaching, it seems apt to write a short piece on the presence of religion in children’s cartoons. The controversy in …

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Jesus Ween: Christians Claim Halloween for Jesus

Not content with stealing Christmas, Christians are trying to claim Halloween. For many, Halloween is a time for parties, costumes, trick and treat and candy. For others, it has always been viewed through a more negative lens. However, this year, all that is about to change with the introduction of Jesus Ween, an alternative Christian …

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